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Why Aromatherapy is good for you?

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which obtained from plants such as Lavender, Eucalyptus,etc.
There are therapeutic properties in each essential oil.
For example Lavender has calming, analgesic,anti-inflammation effects. 
Inhale the aroma from nose reaches to brain which transmitted to the limbic system of the cerebrum.
(The limbic system is control the hormones!)
When apply the essential oils (diluted in carrier oil) to the skin,it circulates throughout  the body.
Aroma body care uses the blend the oils for massage.
It will be well-being for you!

  Care menu
  Aromatherapy body care       
                     100mins (70mins)    ¥9,000
                           120mins (90mins)  ¥11,000
                         140mins (110mins)  ¥14,000
       * Aromatherapy counseling time / (         )=care time

  Facial care   
           80mins (60mins) ¥7,000

          *counselling time / (         )= care time 
  Total care (Body& Facial)
  All the menu Including  care / consultation /
  oil blending / feedback / advice

 For Reservation <Book advanced only>
 ℡ 090-3375-5026English speaker)
Hiroshima ,
Etajima city, Noumi-cho, Takata

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